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Platycerium alcicorne Africa Form


     Platycerium alcicorne African differs from the shield fronds found on the alcicorne species from Madagascar in three different ways . There are no stellate hairs , The fronds are a light green color and they do not posses any waffle textures . The shield fronds will turn a dark brown when they die back .


     A number of Millennium ago Madagascar , The fourth largest island in the world , was connected to the continent of Africk . Then nature decided to make a change and broke this section away from the continent and when this happened a large number of plant and animal life became stranded and separated from their like forms left on the African soil. Even with approximately three hundred miles separating the two shores things had to change , because of climate changes. Platycerium Alcicorne Madagascar left a brother behind on the African continent and adjusted to its new living and cultivating habitat , So now thanks to nature we have two forms of the Alcicorne species with each having similar yet strikingly different features .

     The Platycerium Alcicorne species found living , growing and surviving , on the island of Madagascar , Is found between the middle and lower sections of the islands western side and with in its rain forest Jungle . With in that section the species receives rain fall in lesser amounts than it would. If it were living in the upper section of the forest. The weather conditions are quite different on the island of Madagascar during the winter season than it is within the United States , With an average temperature of around 65 degrees and a humidity level averaging around 95% every day . It rains almost daily on the islands eastern side and these rains are a product of the rain storms arriving from the ocean , But very little 0f This Rain Makes It Past The High Mountain Ranges To The Western Side of the forest . The rains that are able to make it past the high mountain ranges falls in the form of a misty rain .

     Platycerium alcicorne Madagascar (Vassei) , differ from its brother living on the African continent by having valleys between its veins at the fronds top but not over the whole shield frond like that of Platycerium madagascariense . The shield fronds can become quite large in cultivation , are covered with stellate hairs , lie flat against its host plant , have very small craters all over them and will turn a rich dark walnut brown when they die back. When a new shield frond begins to develop you know very well that something good is happening by the purple color that appears around the shield fronds outer edges . This purple color remains around the fronds outer edges until the frond has reached about 2 1/4 inches out and slowly fades away .


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Name : Platycerium Dawboy [PDAW02]
Details : This is Platycerium New Hybrid name "Dawboy" between P.madagascar x P.alcicorne 'Vassei'  size 6" pot
Normal price : 28.00
Special price : 25.00

Name : Platycerium Mt. Kitshakood [PMKK-SP]
Details : This is fresh the spore of Platycerium "Mt. Kitshakood"
It is new hybrids between P.coronarium x  P.ridleyi  
Normal price : 20.00
Special price : 17.00

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