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     Platycerium Coronarium Is One Of The Platycerium Fern Species That Needs To Completely Dry Back Between Watering To Grow And Prevent Shield Frond And Root System Rot . The Species shield frond  Are Made Up Of A Corky Like Substance That Retains Moisture . Nature Has Given This Wonder The Ability To Survive Through And Tolerate Short And Medium Periods , Of No Rain Fall . Nature Also Gave The Species A Natural Living Habitat Of Indonesia , Malaysia And Thailand . The Hardest Thing About Cultivating Platycerium Fern Coronarium Is Learning When To Give The Species Moisture

  This Species Fertile frond are Long , Narrow And Turns Into A Tangled Mess When The Root System Reaches Its Host Plant


Platycerium coronarium for sale








Platycerium coronarium Medium

It is growing by spore  size 6" pot


Platycerium coronarium Large

It is growing by spore  size 15" on the tree.

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Name : P.elephantotis X P.stemaria Laurentii [PELE_STEM]
Details : Platycerium is new Hybrids between P.elephantotis x P.stemaria "Laurentii" It growing size 8" pot
Normal price : 75.00
Special price : 75.00

Name : Platycerium Dawboy [PDAW02]
Details : This is Platycerium New Hybrid name "Dawboy" between P.madagascar x P.alcicorne 'Vassei'  size 6" pot
Normal price : 28.00
Special price : 25.00

Name : Platycerium Elemaria Medium [PELM002]
Details : It is Platycerium Hybrids between P.elephantotis x P.stemmaria. It growing by spore size 6" pot

Normal price : 35.00
Special price : 25.00

Name : Platycerium Mt. Kitshakood [PMKK-SP]
Details : This is fresh the spore of Platycerium "Mt. Kitshakood"
It is new hybrids between P.coronarium x  P.ridleyi  
Normal price : 20.00
Special price : 17.00

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