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        Platycerium grande  has a natural living surviving and cultivating habitat of the island of Mindanao in the Philippines islands and so far the species has only been found on this island .

        At one time Platycerium superbum and the species from the Philippines carried the same name of Grande until The botanist noticed there was a real difference between the two . At that time they gave the name Superbum to the species found living and surviving in Australia and the name Grande to the species only found living and surviving , within the Philippines


         If you are not use to cultivating Platycerium grande. The main difference that can readily be seen between Platycerium superbum and Platycerium grande are the two spore patches located on the underside of each Fertile Frond of Platycerium grande. This species produces one set of Fertile Fronds per year, Which is usually in late summer or mid fall , But the spore patches do not begin developing until mid to late winter and will not turn brown and rip until late summer . at this time the spores can be harvested , Because the Fertile Fronds have comleted their life cycle and will begin to die as the new Fertile Fronds are being born .

          The Fertile Fronds of Platycerium grande are thinner than those of Platycerium superbum and does not contain the thick heavy veins you See on the Platycerium superbum species, until fully mature. As Platycerium grande matures its Fertile Fronds become just as Wide , Large and Long as those of Platycerium superbum, It just takes more time to get there .



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Name : Platycerium Dawboy [PDAW02]
Details : This is Platycerium New Hybrid name "Dawboy" between P.madagascar x P.alcicorne 'Vassei'  size 6" pot
Normal price : 28.00
Special price : 25.00

Name : Platycerium Mt. Kitshakood [PMKK-SP]
Details : This is fresh the spore of Platycerium "Mt. Kitshakood"
It is new hybrids between P.coronarium x  P.ridleyi  
Normal price : 20.00
Special price : 17.00

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